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  A framework is a set of common and prefabricated software building blocks that programmers can use, extend or customize for specific computing solutions. With frameworks developers do not have to start from scratch each time they write an application. Frameworks are built from collection of objects so both the design and code of the framework may be reused.


Components Manager   
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Architecture principles and overview

The core of the interface between controller and model is the Components Manager. It controls business components creation, store, share and destruction. The reason for choosing this approach of business components management is based on performance considerations. Since creation and destruction of every business component is a very heavy operation in memory and processors cycles terms, the architecture based on containers of pre-created components is intended to overcome these problems. When the application is started Components Manager creates a set of business components containers. Each container stores business components of the same type. To create and destroy business components each container uses a Factory class instance. The Components Manager builds and initializes the containers. The containers build and store the business components.

Components Manager uses an XML configuration file. The configuration file matches containers and factories. In case business components shortage in a container it is responsible to call the corresponding factory insobject for creation of missing component.

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