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    What is a Framework
    Framework Objectives
    Developing a Framework

    J2EE App Architecture
    Physical Architecture

    App Building Approaches
    Structuring Web App
    Components Manager
    Object Relational Mapping  

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  A framework is a set of common and prefabricated software building blocks that programmers can use, extend or customize for specific computing solutions. With frameworks developers do not have to start from scratch each time they write an application. Frameworks are built from collection of objects so both the design and code of the framework may be reused.


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JFramework is released under the Frontier Developer Source License. Frontier Technology is committed to providing the best web tools for all developers, from hobbyists to multinational corporations. We've created the Developer Source License to meet that goal. Developer Source ensures that everyone has access to JFramework(JFW). It also ensures that we can continue to develop and support the highest quality web development software.

JFramework's use is governed by the Frontier Developer Source License.

For information on deployment licenses and pricing, see our sales page.

  * You may use JFramework for development, evaluation, and demos.
  * You must contact us for a deployment license if either:
    * You are paid to use JFramework.
    * You are paying someone else to use JFramework.
  * If no one is paid to use JFramework, you may use JFramework for deployment without purchasing a license:
    * students
    * private use
    * tiny startups with neither funding nor income.
  * Anyone falling in between should contact us for a waiver.
  * Distributors must contact us.
  * If you are allowed to use JFramework, you may modify the source for that use.

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