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  A framework is a set of common and prefabricated software building blocks that programmers can use, extend or customize for specific computing solutions. With frameworks developers do not have to start from scratch each time they write an application. Frameworks are built from collection of objects so both the design and code of the framework may be reused.


Framework Objectives   
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Framework's programming model is designed to support a variety of different development models. The Framework should support three major styles of development process recognizing that most real projects.

A key goal of the Framework's programming model and its supporting tools is to provide good support for each of development approaches and to create an environment that supports and promotes the separation of roles discussed above.

The framework should include all the necessary elements to write the server-side of a Web application, including:
o Servlets to hold the various program elements of the application,
o Execution context to provide the program elements with an application context,
o Connectors to allow the application to access external applications and data,
o Java server pages to support separation of program logic and user interface content, and
o The needed Web application infrastructure.

These elements provide a standardized and unbounded Java execution environment for Web applications.
There should be a collection of code design patterns, rules, guidelines and suggestions on how to write server software that "plugs" into the framework. The framework should not impose restrictions on the server that deploy it, but rather precious guidelines to help the developers reuse as much work they can from other server solutions

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